Galore of Agony

Just when it began to go alright,

We got entangled in the same mess

I wondered what my future would be, but fate gave me an insight

The possibilities of what was to come next singled

Our ego, our grandiosity, they all mingled;

We were supposed to me a match even the heavens adored

I watched you sit down with a never diminishing grace

Pictures seemed to be the only void, I took solace

There at a distance they stood, all my our emotions clashing

Trying to gather themselves in the right places,

Trying to figure out how to play themselves, they all hid stashing.

The car’s tyres screeched manifestly of a stigma so cruel

Obviously louder than the wails of my inaudible flesh

You torpedoed me to our room’s studio mirror, and that same crying stool

Patiently, i waited for the right one (some meagre years)

The moment when I could feel the rhythm pulse through my veins

At that moment my eyes struck open, this time with no tears

And i could see the world coming back to life, but i remained sane; the same

Featuring Agrim Gupta

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