Important stuff

Okay so yeah hi or maybe hey or maybe idk whatever suits you tbh.

Firstly, this blog is a creation (and a result) of a v simple thing called envy, not going into that any further but basically, i’m here to express what  i thought of life (not too long ago) all my posts might seem v sad and depressing and shiz (as explicitly mentioned by my friends) but tbh, i’m a happy go lucky person, and this just might be my alter ego, you’re free to judge it of course bc that’s um, human tendency or whatever lol

on a much serious note, pls understand that i absolutely 100% love to rant, so you’re definitely gonna find scribbles of me ranting here and there throughout my posts

and i’m not lit buff or a grammar nazi so pls don’t expect accurate English ok

Also, also, also you guys can call me Aditi but I adore new nicknames tbh.

Super sorry for the inconvenience caused and just one more thing (really sorry for dragging, though) ily all

Gosh, so much for being honest.